We got another one for ya, it's hot as hell outside and dragged in Marcus Coleman in Jake's stead while he bathes in the waters of lake Nepotism out in NYC. Shain is here to explain to us why he'll be taking knee all next season on his show and Thomas, I don't know Thomas was there and said stuff like he always does.



Shout out Wheels

Jake and Thomas host Portland Open Mic Five-time champion Sam Whitely. In between burts of sunshine and rainbows he fills us in on the boisterous life of a new comedian and Uber driver.


Shout to my boy Wheels 

This week Jake talks about hosting for Norm MacDonald at the club this weekend, Thomas sends civil rights leaders back in time to end white supremacy, and Shain opens up to the gang about darker side of that lavish Uber Black lifestyle, oh and; we solved racism, no really, this is the episode where we solve it. For real this time. Recorded at the one and only Cranival Studios

April 22, 2019

Episode 58: Adam Pasi

Portland Comedy Stalwart Adam Pasi joins us in Cranival Studios to breakdown the good ol days, talk about wearing your racial identity on an oversized hoodie, and growing up a military brat. 

Jake's back from Boise so we've got the whole gang in house at Cranival studios. 


This week Shain gets spicy with Randall's birthday whiskey while Thomas pitches us a million dollar business idea. Jake brings it home asking, us to consider what the ideals behind black Republicanism are.

Hello? Are you there? It's us, you up? 


Jake is out of town this weekend being funny in Boise, so Shain and Thomas sit down in Cranival Studios to rejoice a week where nothing racist happened. Nope, not a single racism, on the whole planet. Thomas also informs us why he's the worst to invite to parties.

The band is all back together, we're in Cranival studios as always, Shain lets us in on some twitter so we can air it out on the podcast like mature adults, and Jake explains what it was like to finds himself at a MAGA-themed comedy tour. 

Comedian Chris Johnson (@chrisjpdx) joins Thomas and Jake in Cranival Studios to lay down his thoughts about growing up in Portland in a family with some unique views on race. 

This week the gang is back at full speed; Jake and Thomas try to figure out if it's a good idea to heckle Russel Westbrook (It's not) before Shain aka [your name here] brings up festival submissions, and we try to solve diversity in line ups once and for all. 

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