Our penultimate episode has the gang back together. That's right, Neeraj Srinivasan is in studio with Jake and Shain, giving the details of a racist audition, butt stuff with a celebrity's niece and his sketchy neighborhood in Long Beach.

August 5, 2019

Episode 73: Eat the Peach

Shain's drunk, we talked about pickathon, seeded produce, Adam Pasi's win in Portland's funniest person contest and some of our favorite other local podcasts.

The Gang's all here this week, Randall even rolled in the AC and brought us Tea. We talk about how to avoid being sold God by door to door mormons, whether or not it's okay to sleep on the couch of a black republican, and Thomas' sad family reunion.

July 22, 2019

Episode 71: Incelation

This week, Shane and Jake are joined by L.A. comic Pallavi Gunalan to get into the recent XXXTentacion/Dina Hashem incident and the how disagreements turn to fall outs between comedians 

This one starts out with Jake and Thomas, since Shain is out hitting dingers at a ball game. We try to find Jake's vice and Thomas wants to topple slavery selling suspenders.

Shain takes Jakes family to the Adidas store to buy the latest in Jewish Streetwear, and we breakdown the different era’s of comedy “fashion”, and Thomas blacks up his material for a new audience. Recorded in Cranival Studios 

Jake reflects on a bad set and talks about having his mom in town to size up his life, Shain gives the details on getting roasted for his t-shirt bravery and Thomas tries to find out what makes Jake happy in life. Filmed in the luxurious, air-conditioned Cranival Studios 

It's a Shainless episode as Jake, Thomas & Randall solve a case of stolen drug money, crack heads & lack of self-awareness in clothing and softdrinks.

June 17, 2019

Episode 66: Almost 100

Jake talks about his birthright, and how the jewish community predicted Michael Jackson, Shain recalls military praying and first falling in love (with Jake) and Randall gets his own sitcom.

The gang is back in from their trip to the Sacramento Pod Fest and we brought back some new style, Jake tell us how his leisurely Sunday brunch got interrupted by, of course, racism. Thomas ponders a world where rappers are the President and Shain lays down the law with his vast wealth of wisdom. As always recorded in the fantastic Cranival studios.




Shout out to my boy Wheels. 

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